19.11.2012 - 19:30


TripAdvisor - International tourism resource- was rating the European`s cities that can boast of the most rapidly growing popularity among travelers and tourists.

09.11.2012 - 12:04

Do you want to go on a fabulous trip to Spain?

The Master Klass House of Education and Culture will gladly help you realize your dream!



02.11.2012 - 18:51

The Master Klass House of Education and Culture invites your children to spend winter holidays in the old English castle!

30.10.2012 - 13:06

Autumn in Kiev! This is the period of heavy rains and gold leaves.
But it’s also a wonderful time to explore or just walking around Kiev, on board of a
double-decker bus!

23.10.2012 - 14:00

“Youth 2012" Film Festival in collaboration with the Master Klass House of Culture and
Education Welcome You to Visit a Series of Master Classes!

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