Eco-Christmas Tree 2012 at the Independence Square

City Council of Kiev will plans to set up the New Year at the Independence Square artificial Christmas Tree height of 40 meters. Earlier Ukrainian environmentalists was adviced made safe for the nature Christmas Tree.

"Eco-Christmas Tree 2012 will be on December 17th!" - Alexander Puzanov - Deputy Chairman management Culture in Kiev.

"Christmas Tree for the capital will made in Ternopil. It will weigh 50 tons. Ornaments will also be new, though still not exactly clear what. Definitely it will hang on the dragons - the symbols of 2012." - said in the General Directorate of Culture in Kiev.

"Nikolay Bagraev (organizer of the Tavria Games) will be engaged opening of the capital's Christmas Tree and the organization of New Year's concert in this year . So, Ukrainian show business stars will be at the Independence Square too!" - Management City Council of Kiev.

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