Press Tour "Open Jazz Kiev" with Aleksey Kogan

Aleksey Kogan

On the eve of the IV International Festival Jazz in Kiev 2011,
was conducted bus tour press-conference with Aleksey Kogan
- art director of the festival and one of the most popular Ukrainian music radio presenters.

Jazz in Kiev 2011



Aleksey was born in an ordinary family of Soviet intellectuals in 1957. He served in army, later worked at the Central Library. Sometimes he helped the students of Musical College in Philosophy.

One close relative opened for Aleksey World Of Jazz. He was a fan of "Jazz Hour" - FM program banned in the USSR.
And thanks to him, Aleksey Kogan, today opens the World Of Jazz for Kiev and guests.
Festival Jazz in Kiev 2011 is gaining popularity and is becoming a significant event in international music environment.

Jazz in Kiev 2011


Aleksey tell this story and many other stories the participants of tour Open Jazz Kiev.

Aleksey Kogan working in music industry for 25 years, and thus devoting most of his life opening the Ukrainians all charm of music and the Philosophy Of Jazz.



Jazz in Kiev 2011Jazz in Kiev 2011

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