Five-metre-long football boot for Euro-2012 from Zaporozhye

Yuriy Olexandrov (shoemaker from Zaporozhye) has created five-metre-long football boot for Euro-2012.

A huge football boot having the length of over five metres and the weight of two tonnes has been presented in Zaporizhzhya. The idea of making a mega-boot belongs to shoemaker from Zaporizhzhya Yuriy Oleksandrov. This man is an ardent football fan, and he decided to contend for a record for Euro-2012.

It took Yuriy three months to make the masterpiece having the weight of two tonnes. His assistants in work were six shoemakers and even welders who made a metal sole for the football footwear. This football boot does not fear snow, the same way as rain, as the footwear is covered with special antifreeze substance. The bid for nomination “world’s biggest football boot” has been also sent to the Guinness Book of Records. It presently has the record by a resident of Poland who had made an item having the length of 3.45 meters.

The huge boot from Zaporizhzhya has been installed in the local exhibition centre. The boot will be placed in the Zaporizhzhya stadium next year. City residents expect that it will draw the attention of Euro-2012 foreign guests. As regards the author himself, he believes that his work will inspire Ukrainian football players to a victory. The huge football boot has been registered in the Ukrainian Book of Records, at it is also expected to get a certificate from the Guinness Book of Records soon. Representatives of the Book of Records have testified to the effect that the book had been made according to all rules and deserves a record in the book, 5 Kanal reports.

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