Privacy policy

Date of latest update: 29th September 2019

1.1 General provisions

Open Kiev LLC considers it its duty to protect the confidentiality and inviolability of the information provided to the Company through the site In this regard, Open Kyiv LLC undertakes to provide the necessary protection and the proper use of personal information (also "personal data", "personally identifiable information" or "PII") obtained through the site

As a rule, we collect only personally identifiable information that online visitors provide to us in order to provide them with information and / or services. Please read carefully this Privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as the "Privacy Policy") for a more complete understanding of the procedure for the collection, use, transfer and protection of personal information received by Open Kyiv.

We receive personal information about you if you provide it to us at our request - for example, to send messages to mailboxes or to sign up for certain services. We reserve the right to collect information about your name, e-mail address, telephone number, purchases made to enter the purchase of tourist services or to book an electronic ticket. Card number information, other banking information is not collected, processed and stored through the site By submitting personal information through our site, you hereby confirm that OPEN KIEV may use this information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Your personal information is not used for any other purpose, except when we obtain permission from you to use it for other purposes or when such use is required by law or permitted by law or professional standards. For example, if you specify your preferences on the OPEN KIEV website, we are committed to using your preferences for your account. If you sign up or log in to your website through a third-party single sign-on system, we may also identify you as the same user on all the devices you use and personalize your custom settings and settings on other OPEN KIEV web sites you visit. In cases where you send an email containing an applicant's personal resume or CV to our Open KYIV recruitment office, we use this information to provide you with job vacancies.

In some cases, when you sign up for certain services, we may store your email address until the confirmation of the information you have provided to us via email (i.e., to confirm your subscription request, we send an email to the address you provided when you registered ).

1.2 Legal ground for using the personal information obtained

OPEN KIEV usually collects only the personal information that is needed to fulfill your request. If we need more information, you will be notified when collecting the information.

In order to comply with applicable legislation when processing your personal information, we will be guided by one of the following processing conditions:

  • Contract performance: processing of your personal information is necessary to fulfill our contractual obligations;
  • Statutory duty: We are obliged to process your personal information for the purpose of fulfilling a statutory duty, such as keeping records for tax purposes or providing information to a state or law enforcement agency;
  • Legitimate Interests: We have the right to process information about you when such processing is within the scope of our legitimate interests in the course of conducting a legitimate activity and which is necessary for its further conduct, provided that such processing of information does not violate your interests;
  • Your consent: From time to time, we may ask you for your individual consent to the processing of a block of your personal information, and your personal information will only be processed if your consent is obtained. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time by contacting OPEN KYIV at and specifying the purpose for which your contact information was provided to us.

OPEN KIEV collects personally identifiable information only when the person concerned voluntarily provides such information to us or when the collection of such information is mandatory or permitted by law or professional standards. We do not collect, process or store personal information regarding race and ethics, political views, membership in trade unions, religious and similar beliefs, physical and mental health, sex life, and criminal record. By submitting OPEN KIEV confidential information, act on your own volition, but in any case do not forward OPEN KIEV confidential information unless you consent to its use by OPEN KIEV for legitimate business purposes, and if you do not consent to transmit information to OPEN KYIV databases and storing them in the specified databases. If you have any questions as to whether the providing of confidential information to OPEN KIEV is necessary (expedient) or potentially necessary (expedient) to achieve one or another purpose, please contact OPEN KIEV at

1.3 Automatic collection of personal information

OPEN KIEV does not use cookies, web beacons or other technologies to collect personally identifiable information automatically during your online visit to OPEN KIEV or in the process of communicating with you via email.

1.3.1 IP Addresses

An IP address is a number assigned to your computer each time you access the Internet. It allows computers and servers to recognize each other and share information. OPEN KIEV does not collect the IP addresses of visitors to our site.

1.3.2 Cookies technology

A cookie is a file hosted on your computer or device that is connected to the Internet each time you visit our site. This allows the site to remember your computer or device. In addition, cookies may be used for other purposes.

An information banner appearing on some of our websites will ask for your consent to the collection of cookies. If we do not receive consent your computer or device connected to the Internet will not be monitored for marketing purposes. To support the functionality of the site, we may need another type of cookie called "user cookies". Using a banner does not block these cookies. The item you selected will be stored in a cookie and will remain valid for 90 days. If you wish to cancel it, you can do so by deleting cookies in your browser.

Despite the fact that most browsers accept cookies automatically, you can configure your browser so that you only decide whether to accept the cookie or to block it (see the Tools or Settings menu of your browser). You can delete cookies from your device at any time. However, if you do not accept cookies, some features of the site may be lost.

More information on managing cookies can be found in your browser's help file or on specialized sites, such as

1.3.5 Location information services

OPEN KIEV does not collect or use geographic location information for your computer or mobile device.

1.5 Children

OPEN KYIV is fully aware of the importance of maintaining the privacy of children, especially in an environment of communication through electronic communications. Our websites are not intended for children under 13 years old. In accordance with our policies, we never collect and store information on purpose about individuals under the age of 13.

2. Exchange and transfer of personally identifiable information

We do not disclose personally identifiable information to third parties, except when required for the purposes of our professional activities, the processing of your requests and (or) required or permitted by law or professional standards. This applies to the following persons, cases and instances:

  • In the case of OPEN KIEV reorganization or sale to another organization: OPEN KIEV may also disclose personal information due to the sale, assignment, or other form of transfer of activity to maintain the site on which such information is posted.
  • Common law courts, arbitration courts, law enforcement or regulatory authorities: OPEN KIEV may disclose personal information in order to respond to requests from general law courts, arbitration courts or law enforcement authorities, or where necessary or appropriate in compliance with applicable law, common law, arbitration tribunals or regulatory documents of public authorities.
  • Audits: Disclosure of personal information may also be necessary to ensure the integrity of the data or to verify information security and (or) to investigate or prepare an adequate response to an information security claim or threat.

OPEN KYIV does not transmit personal information outside Ukraine.

OPEN KYIV undertakes not to disclose personally identifiable information you provide to third parties for its further use by those individuals for direct marketing purposes.

3. Choice

Generally, you are not obliged to provide us with any personally identifiable information, but OPEN KIEV may require certain personal information from you in order for you to receive additional information about our services and activities. OPEN KIEV may also ask you for permission to use your personal information for certain purposes, and you may, therefore, either grant or refuse such permission.

As stated in the "Cookies Technology" section above, if you do not want cookies to track your navigation on our site, you can configure your browser to block all cookies or warn you about sending a cookie. Keep in mind that as a result of blocking cookies, some site resources may not be available.

4. Your rights

If you provide OPEN KIEV with personal information, you are granted the following rights:

  • Access and correction of inaccuracies: You have the right to access your personal information. The document on the basis of which such access is granted is called "Request of the personal data subject for access". If the provision of personal information to you is required by applicable law, such information will be provided to you free of charge. Prior to providing you with personally identifiable information, we may request that you provide us with proof of identity and the requisite amount of information about the nature of the interaction between us, on the basis of which we will be able to identify your personal information. If your personal information stored by our company is incorrect, you can contact us to request to correct an inaccuracy.
  • Disagreement with Processing: You have the right to declare your disagreement with the processing of your personal information if, in your opinion, we do not have the right to further use such information, to request the deletion of your personal information, if you believe that its retention period is unreasonably exceeded, and, in certain circumstances, to require that its processing be limited.

You can request and exercise the above rights by contacting OPEN KIEV at specifying the purpose of your providing us with your contact information, and we will exert every effort to fulfill your request, provided that it does not contravene applicable law and professional standards.

5. Information security and data retention

IN OPEN KIEV, security measures and policies are in place to protect personal information from loss, unauthorized use, modification, or deletion. At the same time, in the view of all existing threats to information security, it is impossible to provide an absolute guarantee of personal information retention, even in spite of all the efforts that OPEN KIEV will make. For our part, we make effort to ensure that only those persons, who need to perform their duties, have access to your personal information. Persons with access to personal data are required to maintain their privacy.

We endeavor to retain personal information only for such period of time as is necessary for us to fulfill the requests of the person who provided it or until such person requests us to remove such information, and in any case no longer than is required by applicable law.

6. Links to other sites

The OPEN KIEV website may contain links to other sites, including sites maintained by other OPEN KIEV member firms, to which Leave other privacy and security information other than previous privacy notices. Prior to disclosing any personally identifiable information, we encourage online visitors to review the privacy policies posted on each site.

7. Changes to the Privacy Policy

OPEN KIEV may modify this Privacy Policy from time to time to reflect the current data protection order. Each time we make changes, we will indicate the date of the new edition at the top of this page. In order to find out exactly how OPEN KIEV protects your personal information, we recommend that you review this Privacy Policy on a regular basis to find and explore new provisions.

8. Questions about the provisions of adopted policy and the measures taken to comply with them

OPEN KIEV is committed to protect the integrity of your personal information.

If you have any questions or comments regarding our work with your personal information, please contact the person in charge of dealing with personal data in OPEN KIEV at You can also use this address to report any problems with our compliance with the Privacy Policy.